Hello, 2017.

It’s now 2017. Time is flying! And so I’ve decided that I need to get back to writing. I know that I wrote very little last year. As with anything else, some times you need a break or maybe it’s that you don’t need to do whatever it was you were doing to deal with the troubling thing in your life that made you do what you had been doing, and I guess that’s what happened last year. I was finally in a good place in my life and I figured I would simply enjoy it. And I’m still in a good place. I still have the job, which I like, and I’m still with my boyfriend, W, whom I love. But a lot is going on with respect to the other part of W’s life so I think I’ll write about that. Maybe by writing about it I’ll be able to find some answers to help him. His ex-wife is a mean bitch who married an asshole last year. His 9-year old daughter is caught in the middle and it’s where things get tough for W. That’s what I’m hoping to be able to help him with. I have been all year. And when I say help, I mean that I mostly just listen and offer advice when I can. I’ll fill you all in on what’s been going on with each new post. I’ll also write about how things, in general, are going, too. It won’t all just be about the ex! LOL.

So happy new year, everyone! Here’s hoping it’s a good one for all.