How to make a s’more.

Step 1. Prepare the fire pit: The boyfriend has a massive yard behind his house and a fire pit which he lights on occasion during the summer.


Step 2. Light it up.


Step 3. Have the proper ingredients at the ready.


Step 4. Prepare the marshmallows.


Step 5. Add the warmed marshmallow to the graham crackers and chocolate and there you have it! A perfect s’more. 🙂


Step 6. The enjoyment of the s’more is magnified by the company you share it with. 🙂 ❤




He has the key to my heart and now I have the key to his home. ❤️


There is a very good chance, I’d say it’s 99.9% sure, that I will be meeting W’s 8-year old daughter for the first time tomorrow. For those of you that know me from my previous blog know that in my last relationship I had trouble with my ex’s daughter. Actually, calling it trouble is putting it lightly. It was a miserable experience, really. She hated, and I mean hated me, and did everything she could to make my life difficult during the three years that I was with her father. So you can see why meeting W’s daughter has brought on some anxiety and fear with it.

I’ve told him about my previous experience. He knows pretty much the whole story and he’s reassured me that his daughter, M, is nothing like my ex’s daughter. For the sake of the relationship I hope he’s right. I don’t know if I could go through that again. And I would hate to lose him over that. It’s been so wonderful with him so far.

The plan is to go with them to the city’s aquarium and spend a few hours with them. She knows about me already. Knows that her papa has a “special friend”. She knows my name and that a plan has been made for us to meet. She seems to be very interested in meeting me and doesn’t seem to mind it either.

I don’t want to bring the past into this wonderful present I have now. I’m trying hard not to let the fear of what happened the last time take over. W has already shown me that he is nothing, nothing like my ex. He has shown me that he truly loves me and that he wants this to work. So I need to trust him enough to believe that he’s made the right decision by wanting us to meet sooner than we had originally planned.

I’ll go with them to the museum and hopefully things will go well. It’s really all I can do, isn’t it?

Thanks, mother.

“Siempre te fijas en hombres guapos.”

(Translation: You always take an interest in handsome men.)

This is what my mother said to me when I (mistakenly) showed her a selfie I took of me and W together this weekend. At least I know my mother still thinks I’m not good enough to date an attractive man.

I’m really tired of hearing comments like this from my mother.

It’s official, I have a boyfriend!

I do! It’s W and he’s wonderful!

He made it official in the sweetest way possible, he asked if he could be my boyfriend. I couldn’t believe it. Words I have only imagined I might get to hear again and there he was, looking me in the eyes and asking if he could be my boyfriend. I said yes, yes, yes! And he’s so happy that I’m his girlfriend. He tells me this all the time. That he feels so lucky that he met me and that I’m in his life. It feels so unreal at times, especially when I’m close to him, when he has his arms around me. Arms that I would stay in forever if I could. Because they’re so strong and perfectly made for me to be enveloped in. We talk for hours at a time and the time flies by, so fast that before we know it we’ve been on Facetime for four hours. (That happened last night.) He’s done the one thing that no other man has done, he’s wanted to get to know me. He asks me questions and tells me that he loves to hear the crazy and silly stories about my life, just to hear my voice. Simply put he cares about me in every sense of the word. With every text message, every conversation, every minute I’m able to spend with him…it fills my heart so that I think it might burst.

Yes, it’s only been a month since we met initially on the dating site, but it’s been one of those things where everything about it – about him – has felt so right. I haven’t felt the need to question anything about him. Maybe that’s a little nuts on my part, to be so open and trusting so quickly, but the thing is that I don’t want to question anything about him. I can’t explain it any other way except that it just feels right with him. And it’s both a wonderful and amazing feeling to have.

I adore him. I want to be with him. Sometimes I feel like pinching myself because it feels unreal at times, but if this is a dream, I don’t ever want to wake up.