Chicago Women’s Half Marathon Recap.

It was another warm race. Not as hot as when I ran the Rock N Roll half in July, but still very warm for a 13 mile run. If you’ve never run in warm temperatures I’ll try to give you an idea of what it’s like. Heat feels physically oppressive. You feel the weight of it before you even start the run. That’s how you know it’s going to be tough all the way. Everything gets moist from your sweat pretty quickly. Some quicker than others. I’m not someone that sweats buckets but I do sweat enough to feel the uncomfortable-ness of my clothes sticking to me. If you’re unlucky enough to run along a course that has very little shade, it’s that much harder on the body and mind. Physically the sun bearing down on you makes it feel like you’re running inside an oven. Mentally the sun makes you want to slow down and walk. Your heart rate and body temp goes up during a run. Body temps are known to increase by at least 15˚F so if it’s 80˚F outside, it’s going to feel at least 95˚F on the inside. Your heart is beating fast, your body feels hot and the sun makes it all feel that much worse. I slowed down several times during today’s race because it just got to be too hot. What I really wanted to do was to simply stop but I couldn’t so I wasn’t going to. Instead I walked a few times in an effort to bring my heart rate down a little bit before running again. This, of course, affected my finish time which I wasn’t happy about but I did what I could given the conditions we were going to run in.

Summer races are tough because of this. I won’t deny that it feels easier to run in colder temps. If it cools down a significant amount come October 11, I think I’ll do well when I run Chicago this time.

Here’s hoping for cooler temps.

FullSizeRender copy
No medal this year, instead a pendant.

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